Why Was Your Worker’s Compensation Claim Denied?

The goal of workers compensation law is to provide injured employees with financial coverage for medical expenses and lost wages after an illness or injury suffered while the employee was on the job. However, employee claims are not always approved. There may be instances in which a worker's compensation claim is denied. The following are some examples: Your Injury Did Not Happen While You Were Working This may seem like an obvious reason for a denial, but there is often some confusion about the definition of " Read More 

Are You A Dad With A Special Needs Child Whose Spouse Just Up And Left?

Divorce is often harder when there are children involved, and you can expect that the court will need to take extra precautions to make sure that your child with special needs receives proper care before they finalize your custody agreement. You also have the added complication of dealing with a spouse who may be hard to find or just simply uncooperative. Although it is hard to watch as your child's other parent decides to flee your family arrangement, you can use these tips to work with a divorce lawyer to help give your child a stable home environment. Read More 

What You Should Expect After Your First Workplace Injury

If you have suffered from your first on-the-job injury, you need to know about workers' compensation and your rights to benefits. Workers' compensation is there to help pay for the medical expenses you incur due to your injury and can also provide you with a portion of your wages while you are out of work. Here are some questions you may have. What Should You Do First? After you are hurt, you need to let your supervisor right away. Read More 

Three Reasons You Need To Consult With An Attorney When Injured As A Passenger In A Traffic Accident

If you have been in an auto accident and sustained injuries as a passenger, you may wonder if you need an attorney. Often the initial reaction is to wait and see how things unfold. Perhaps you have been thinking about filing a claim or simply speaking to an insurance claims adjuster. The following are a few reasons you need to call an auto accident lawyer. You're not sure who was at fault Read More 

Learn About Corporate Lawyers

Every business should have professionals at their disposal who help to ensure the business is successful. A corporate lawyer can be an important part of your business because the lawyer can offer you legal guidance, review all legal documents and contracts, draw up documents and contracts, play a part in business decisions from the legal aspect, file lawsuits on your behalf, represent you in court, and much more. Review the information below to learn why you should get a corporate lawyer sooner rather than later and get a better idea about the types of lawyers that are out there. Read More