The 7 Realities Of Doing Your Bankruptcy Pro Se

If you are living a fairly uncomplicated life other than having a lot of consumer debt with few assets and  are computer literate, filing out your bankruptcy forms and representing yourself may be quite feasible for you. However, there are seven realities you should be prepared for. 1. You're pretty much on your own. As a pro se filer, you can't expect a load of free legal advice from the people you will be dealing with. Read More 

After The Accident: Evidence Preservation Tips

If you have recently been involved in an accident and are planning to pursue legal action, preserving evidence is very important. All legal cases are going to require mounds of evidence in order to prove your case. You may not be aware of what constitutes evidence, so you should be familiar with the basics of evidence material and what you can do to preserve it. Physical Evidence Physical evidence is made up of any type of evidence that can be seen, felt, smelled, and so on. Read More 

3 Tips To Help You Find Witnesses After A Car Accident

Defining fault in a car accident is a necessity to ensure the responsible party is held liable for damages and injuries. Unfortunately, many accident cases devolve into a series of "he said, she said" scenarios, which can make it difficult to get down to the truth. The key to proving your case is to find witnesses to the event. The following tips can help you track down anyone that saw the accident when it occurred. Read More 

3 Ways You Can Make Sure Your Loved Ones Avoid Probate

When the time comes for you to pass away, the last thing you want your loved ones to go through is probate. Probate is what a person's estate must go through in order to prove the validity of the will. Probate can take weeks, or even years if a will is heavily contested. However, if there are certain aspects of your estate that you don't want to be tied up in probate, you can take certain steps to ensure they are not included. Read More 

Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claims Through Ergonomics

As a business owner, you are painfully familiar with the costs of providing workers' compensation to your employees. Of course, you are required to do so by law, but as a responsible businessperson, you no doubt want your employees to work in a safe and productive environment. Because ergonomic injuries are so prevalent in the workplace, you can keep your costs down and your employees healthy by making your company ergonomically sound. Read More