How To Find Low-Cost Legal Assistance For A Worker’s Compensation Claim

Were you injured at work? If so, one of the first things you should do after speaking to your human resources department is to contact an attorney. If you think you will be out of work for a long period of time, you will need legal guidance to ensure you are able to get a fair worker's compensation award. The problem for many people is that they cannot afford expensive attorney fees. There are some free and low-cost options available, however, that may help you get started with your worker's compensation claim.

Find a Pro Bono Attorney

Each year, attorneys typically work on a certain number of pro bono cases. This typically leaves you with no legal costs at all. You may be able to locate an attorney who will work with you on a pro bono basis to satisfy your worker's compensation claim. Call around to a variety of attorneys in your area to see if they are doing any pro bono work at the time of your injury.

Contact a Non-Profit Legal Organization

There are many non-profit legal organizations that are designed to assist individuals with their legal claims. They often include legal professionals who specialize in a particular area of injury, such as injuries sustained in coalmines, oil fields, and many other industries. They can provide you with guidance in your claim and point you to pro bono attorneys who may be able to take your case.

Utilize Law Student Interns

In larger law firms, attorneys will take on a number of legal interns each year. These students help work on cases to hone their skills and advance their hands-on experience. While they are not allowed to practice law, they can be trusted with questions you may have with your claim. They are under the supervision of a qualified attorney, so you will receive an informed answer to your question. Keep in mind that you should leave your complex questions to your attorney. However, you may save some money on a telephone consultation by speaking to the law student assigned to your case.

Legal assistance can be expensive, but it can be beneficial to search out some low cost assistance to help you with your case. You can also find some assistance by going through you state and local bar association to see what attorneys offer the least expensive fees or those that offer payment plans to their clients. For more information, speak with professionals like