4 Ways To Get Your Security Deposit Back

If you rent an apartment or a home, you may enjoy the lower cost of living that typically accompanies doing this. However, you will need to put down a security deposit to ensure you can reserve the property where you wish to live. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for landlords to refuse to return this deposit in certain situations. Knowing specific ways to get your security deposit back can assist you in doing so. Read More 

Two Ways The City May Also Be Responsible For An Auto/Pedestrian Accident

Many times when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, the person driving the car or truck will be held liable for the accident. However, the driver may not be the only person who can be held responsible for the incident. Sometimes, negligence on the city's part may also have contributed. Here are two ways the city may be on the hook for damages or injuries you suffered and how to go about suing. Read More 

Three Types Of Inattentive Driving That Cause Accidents And How Your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Explains Legal Recourse

Distracted driving or inattentive driving almost always leads to an accident. If you have been an inattentive or distracted driver from time to time without getting into an accident, so far you are A) lucky, and/or B) probably not aware of the fact that your actions are illegal. Before you get into a serious accident, learn about the three types of inattentive driving and what legal recourse other drivers can take against you, as explained from the viewpoint of your motor vehicle accident lawyer (such as one from Shaevitz Shaevitz & Kotzamanis). Read More 

3 Ways To Protect Yourself While Divorcing

If you believe that your marriage is headed towards a divorce, it is important that you take action to protect yourself. Without proper preparation, you could face challenges later when it is time to settle you and your spouse's assets and debts. Here are some tips to help ensure you are protected. Close Joint Credit Accounts Even though you and your spouse are in the process of separating, both of you are still liable for any joint credit accounts that are open. Read More 

How To Find Low-Cost Legal Assistance For A Worker’s Compensation Claim

Were you injured at work? If so, one of the first things you should do after speaking to your human resources department is to contact an attorney. If you think you will be out of work for a long period of time, you will need legal guidance to ensure you are able to get a fair worker's compensation award. The problem for many people is that they cannot afford expensive attorney fees. Read More