2 Reasons You Need A Family Lawyer In Your Divorce Case

Getting divorced is never a fun thing, but it's something that nearly 50% of first-time marriages face, and the rates are even higher for second and third marriages. A divorce lawyer can be hired to help you fight for your assets or divide them equally, but if you have children, an attorney who specializes in family law may be what you really need. Here are 2 reasons why you should hire a family lawyer when going through a divorce.

Custody issues

If you feel you will be fighting for equal or sole custody against your soon-to-be ex during your divorce, don't wait until they have already filed for custody to fight back. You should hire a family lawyer right away to help you see more of your children, especially if your children are already living with their other parent. A family lawyer reviews how active you have been in your children's lives already and how cooperative the other party is in letting you see them to help you gain more custodial parentage of your children.

If your children are already in your custody and you want to keep it that way, a family lawyer can help prove your case that the children are best left in your care. They can use the other parents' shortfalls, such as travel with work, past history of neglect or abuse (if applicable) and even the time they commit to their job to prove that you are the best parent for the children to live with most of the time.

Child support

Whether you are the parent who will be receiving custody or the parent who will be paying child support, a family attorney is beneficial to you. Their job is to review the child support as it has been laid out to make sure it is a fair and reasonable amount that each parent can benefit from. If you are paying child support and want to make sure it is a fair amount considering how often you have your children in your care and your current income, a family lawyer can oversee the proceedings to make sure you are ordered to pay a correct and fair amount. If you are receiving child support, a family lawyer can make sure the other party is paying the right percentage to you according to your custody type and how much money they are making.

When going through a divorce where you have children involved, you want to make sure you have a family lawyer by your side who can help you with custody and child support needs. This way, you can better ensure your children receive the best outcome possible from your divorce.