Seven Ways To Successfully Defend Against A Criminal Trespassing Charge

If you've been charged with criminal trespassing, you've been accused of entering another person's property without consent or staying after you've been asked to leave. Property can include areas such as land or a house, car, or boat. Specifics can vary according to the laws in your particular state, but in general, the following are seven common ways to help defend against a charge of criminal trespassing: 1. You complied with the owner's wishes. Read More 

Three Cases That Will Make You Wish You’d Hired A Personal Injury Attorney

If you've been injured—whether in an auto accident, at work, or by another's negligence–you're probably feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You may think you can handle your personal injury case alone, and you very well may be able, but there can be unexpected bumps that come along leaving you unsure of where to go from there. If you're thinking of hiring a personal injury attorney, consider the three cases below that will make you wish you'd hired an attorney at the start. Read More 

Motorcycle Owners: Important Ways To Prepare For Wrecks In Advance

The world is unpredictable, especially when it comes to driving. Riding on a motorcycle is even more tumultuous because drivers may not be able to see you clearly, and you are not that protected on a bike. In order to prepare for motorcycle accidents, you can take these steps: Get Collision Insurance No matter how hard you try, a motorcycle wreck may be unavoidable. You can still protect yourself from this incident by purchasing collision insurance for your motorcycle. Read More 

Expansion Of The Law: How New Technology Creates New Legal Issues For Clients, Lawyers

New technology always brings excitement and disdain with it. On the one hand, you have an entirely new way of doing something, while on the other hand there are new problems and legal issues which erupt as the result of misuse of the new technology. An example of new technology sometimes going awry is robotic surgery. Surgeons are able to make tinier incisions and use laparoscopic instruments via robotic assisted technology. Read More