Don’t Settle For DUI Charge If You Blew On The Limit: Find A Lawyer And Fight

If you were pulled over and you are being charged with a DUI, you can fight the charges with the help of a lawyer. There can be many traces of evidence you aren't aware of, and you don't want to speak with the police until you have a lawyer with you.

If you don't feel that you should have blown at the limit, or you think that the testing may have been inaccurate, the lawyer can help you get out of the charges. Here are a few ways the lawyer may try to prove you're innocent.

Car Surveillance

The police vehicle that pulled you over should have had a surveillance system. If this system shows you passed all of your sobriety tests at the scene when you were pulled over, and there was no reason for the officer to give you a breathalyzer, you lawyer will use this as evidence. They may also use this to show you were being treated unfairly.

Breathalyzer Calibration

The breathalyzer devices have to be calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy. If the unit that you were forced to breath into was past its date, then it can't be used against you. You have to call a DUI attorney quickly so they can get the device, before the officers have a change to calibrate it or tamper with it.


Your lawyer may be able to strike a deal with the prosecution before the case has to hit a court room. They may be able to get the court to drop the DUI charges, and give you something less serious, like reckless operation, if you agree to plead guilty to their new charge. This saves you a lot of money in lawyer fees, it prevents you from having a DUI on your record, and you don't have to go to court.

Having a DUI on your driving record can cause you to lose your driver's license for an extended period of time, and it will be published in the paper for everyone in the community to see. Hire a lawyer as soon as you are taken in, so you can start fighting the charges from the minute you are booked. The DUI is going to increase your insurance rates a great deal, and people will see the charges when they pull up your personal record. Find a DUI legal specialist to make sure this doesn't happen.