Two Keys To Getting Affordable Legal Assistance After A Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can be both physically and mentally traumatic.  You may be dealing with painful injuries in your body, and are likely reeling with emotions due to the sheer suddenness of it all.  Because of this, it is vital that you don't attempt to handle the legal side of things on your own.  However, if you're strapped for cash, you may not see how you'll be able to afford a lawyer. Read More 

Heading To The Beauty Salon To Get Ready For Summer? Be Careful Of Injuries!

Summer is on the way, so people are shaking off the cold and peeling free of layered clothing, hats, and gloves—so it's probably not surprising that many are heading to beauty salons for a little extra beauty care. Just be careful—a routine hair appointment or manicure can go awry in unexpected ways, leaving you injured as a result. This is what you should know. Injuries can be severe. Most people probably think that the worst that can happen to you at the salon is a bad haircut, but injuries can actually be quite severe. Read More 

Planning For The Financial Future Of Your Grandchildren: How To Leave Money To Your Grandchildren Responsibly

As you plan your estate, you may want to leave part of your inheritance to grandchildren. This can be done a number of ways, depending on whether your grandchildren are minors or adults. When you want to plan for the financial future of your grandchildren, you have some choices. You can name your grandchildren as beneficiaries of a life insurance policy, add them to your IRA as equal beneficiaries, or set up a trust that will be funded by your assets after you die. Read More 

Sobering Domestic Violence Facts Every Intimidated Female Needs To Know

Domestic violence is defined as using fear, intimidation, or physical threat to assert control over a partner. As a female who is in the middle of a domestic violence situation, you have likely already played out your options in your mind a thousand times about what would happen if you were to leave or try to get away. Even though taking the initiative to get out of a dangerous domestic situation can be a scary thing, it is important that you understand the true risks that come along with staying where you are. Read More 

Cases In Which The Attorney-Client Privilege May Be Suspended

As a general rule, it is illegal for your lawyer to disclose any information you share with them to any third party. Such information is guarded by attorney-client privilege. However, as is usually the case with legal issues, there are exceptions to this rule. Here are four situations in which it may be legal for your attorney to disclose the content of your confidential conversations: You Seek Your Lawyer's Assistance with Crime Read More