Be Prepared! What Your Car Accident Attorney Needs From You

From minor fender benders to devastating high speed accidents, car accidents are not only terrifying, but also very inconvenient. Injuries and property damage have the ability to cause a huge disruption to everyday life. Hiring an attorney that specializes in car accidents is a step that many people choose to take after an accident in order to try to get some compensation for the damages.

When you get in an accident, it's important to never admit fault. Always report it to the authorities and never accept a settlement without an attorney. If you think that you might hire an attorney, it's important to gather all pertinent information in one place. Dedicate a folder or binder strictly to this important job. Without this information, a lawyer will not be able to help you to the best of their abilities.

What your attorney will likely request from you:

  • Insurance information (both car and health) and proof that you are up to date on payments
  • Any information you may have exchanged or received from other people on the scene
  • Any information the police may have given you, such as report numbers
  • Tickets from the police, if you received any
  • Photographs or video from the scene
  • Records that show lost wages (pay stubs, work schedules, communication with job)
  • Medical records

If you received injuries, it's very important that you are able to provide detailed information to the attorney. They need to get a feel for your injuries and any diagnoses that you were given. Physical injuries are not the only type of medial problems that stem from an accident. People can also experience metal and emotional trauma from the accident as well. Make sure to have documentation for everything regarding your medical bills.

Along with the folder of documentation and information, your attorney will need to know if any insurance company has tried to get your written statement about the accident. It's usually recommended that you do not provide a statement like this, so make sure your attorney knows and has a copy if you provided one.

Your attorney will fight for you to be compensated for any damages that occurred due to the accident.  Once you hire an attorney, they will direct you on how to handle the situation. They will take over and do the hard stuff! In order for them to best serve you, make sure that you are prepared with everything they will need to win your case! Learn more about hiring a car accident attorney like those at Todd East Attorney at Law.