What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident With An Adverse Driver

Most of the time when two parties are involved in an auto wreck, both individuals are calm and cooperative. In the event that the other driver refuses to exchange information with you, becomes belligerent, and is simply uncooperative, realize that you can still make a police report, submit an insurance claim, and have your car repaired as you would normally. Avoid having a direct confrontation with an adverse driver by contacting the authorities and getting the license plate number of the other vehicle, if you feel that it is safe. Read More 

Have You Filed For Social Security Disability Benefits? 2 Simple Steps To Protect Your Identity During The Process

If you've suffered a disability that will leave you unable to work for at least a year and you've applied for Social Security disability benefits, now's the time to protect yourself from scammers and identity thieves. You might not think that the two would go together, but they do. In fact, the information that you provided when you applied for benefits is the same information that scammers and thieves need to steal your identity right out from under you. Read More 

Your Fan Game May Result In A Game Over For Your Bank Account

Video games are a popular form of entertainment, with over 155 million people in the U.S. playing them for 3 or more hours per week. In recent years, savvy computer programmers have taken their love of games to the next level and made their own involving characters, artwork, and even story lines of popular franchises, giving rise to a new sub-industry called "fan games". The problem is that creating a fan game can land you on the wrong side of a courtroom. Read More 

Understanding Non-Work-Related Alternatives To Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a relatively common medical condition affecting up to 6 percent of American adults. This condition occurs when the medial nerve is pinched, compressed or damaged in its passage through the carpal tunnel, a passageway through the wrist bones. Historically, carpal tunnel syndrome has been associated with injuries occurring as a result of repetitive workplace activities. However, recent research has cast doubt on whether performing repetitive work, such as typing or using hand-operated tools, is a significant risk factor. Read More 

Denied Workers Compensation Claim: What Is The Next Step?

Getting hurt on the job can prevent you from working for a very long time, sometimes indefinitely depending on the severity of your injury. As soon as you are hurt, you should file for workers compensation insurance. There are often cases in which it takes a very long period of time before your claim is approved, and even more cases in which the initial claim is denied. The following is some information on why your claim may have been denied and what you can do: Read More