Foster Parent Faqs

Many children in this country do not have stable homes and must be put into foster care. The need for foster parents is great and if you have the inclination to become a foster parent, it's something you should definitely pursue. This article aims to assist anyone thinking about foster parenting by answering some of the most frequently asked question on this topic. What are the Requirements? The requirements for becoming a foster parent are set by state law and will vary from state to state. Read More 

Keep An Eye On The Court Reporter To Assess His Or Her Progress

As an attorney speaking in court, it's easy to be focused on what you're saying, what you're about to say, and how the judge or jury seems to be reacting to your words. You should also devote a little bit of attention to the court reporter. This officer of the court is an ally because he or she is meticulously writing down the things that you and your witnesses are saying, which can be valuable afterward when someone needs to go back and review a statement. Read More 

Major Child Custody Mistakes To Avoid

Going through a divorce can be very difficult for any couple, but the entire process can be even harder when children are involved. Child custody is often one of the most contested issues in a divorce and the hardest point to settle. While it is easy to become emotional about the topic of child custody during your divorce, it is extremely important to remain calm and keep your cool. Unfortunately, many parents become overwhelmed and emotional about child custody, which can lead to issues. Read More 

3 Child-Related Details To Cover When You’re Estate Planning

Estate planning is about more than deciding what you want to be done with your money in the event of your passing. If you have young children, you'll also need to think about them. Of course, it's difficult to think about you not being there to care for your children, but the reality is that unexpected events can occur — and the last thing that you want is for you and your spouse to pass away suddenly and not have a plan for how your children should be looked after. Read More 

Criminal Charges Often Associated With Arson

Some crimes are more or less related, and a criminal charge of one type can easily attract other related charges. A good example is an arson charge, which may trigger related charges such as: Fraud Assault and fraud usually go hand in hand because many arsonists commit their criminal acts for fraudulent reasons. For example, someone may burn down their business (say the business is no doing that well) so that they may file for compensation from their insurance carrier. Read More