3 Attributes To Look For In The Best Case-File Jackets As An Attorney

When you initially step out of law school and onto the scene as a practicing attorney, you may do most of your work for another firm. However, there will likely come a day when you open your own office, and opening your own office puts you in charge of things that would have otherwise been taken care of on your behalf. For example, investing in good case-file jackets is something you will have to do to keep your client files as organized as possible.

Picking the best can mean the difference between keeping everything on track and shuffling through file after file in an inefficient manner to find what you need. Take a look at some of the important attributes to look for in the best case-file jackets for your law office. 

Look for case-file jackets that are made with somewhat rigid materials. 

When a file jacket falls apart, you run the risk of losing pertinent documents that belong with your client's information you have on file. For instance, imagine how frustrating it would be to open up a low-quality jacket with a split down the side and find you have lost important documented evidence for a client's case. For this reason, make sure you shop for case-file jackets that are made out of heavier card-stock materials and are more rigid in form. These can be more space consuming in filing cabinets, but they will serve you better in the long term.

Look for file jackets that have exterior labeling features or color coding. 

As your client base grows, you will accumulate more and more client files to keep in-house at your law office. You want these files to be as easy as possible to track down, reference, and pull out as they are needed. Therefore, it is important that the case jackets you have used are easily filed in an organized fashion and discernible from one to the next. Jackets that have exterior labels, protruding tabs, and different colors for different case types are always a good investment. 

Look for case-file jackets that have expandable pockets. 

Some of these file jackets have a single interior to slip in client information, but the better versions have expandable pockets. Those jackets with expandable pockets will serve most client files better because they will give you the room to add more paperwork as needed without becoming overstuffed.

To start your search for the best case-file jackets, look into companies like American Legal Forms.