What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident With An Adverse Driver

Most of the time when two parties are involved in an auto wreck, both individuals are calm and cooperative. In the event that the other driver refuses to exchange information with you, becomes belligerent, and is simply uncooperative, realize that you can still make a police report, submit an insurance claim, and have your car repaired as you would normally. Avoid having a direct confrontation with an adverse driver by contacting the authorities and getting the license plate number of the other vehicle, if you feel that it is safe.

Filing An Insurance Claim When You Don't Have All The Details

After you reach a secure location, you should immediately followup with your insurance provider and send a copy of the police report that details your claims. While you may not be accustomed to dealing with an adverse driver, it is highly likely that your auto insurance provider has dealt with this kind of situation repeatedly.

Include all applicable information provided by the police, including records of any tickets or citations that they police filed against the other driver. This will help your insurance company to build a complete claim, and this information can be especially useful when contacting the adverse driver's insurance provider.

Collecting Damages When The Other Party Isn't Properly Insured

If you find that the adverse driver was not properly insured at the time of the collision, you may be able to submit an uninsured motorists claim. Your auto insurer may disperse additional funds that can be helpful when recovering from an auto accident, but consulting with an auto accident attorney may also become a necessity. Uninsured motorists are responsible for any damages they cause when driving, but victims aren't always able to collect the funds they are owed with ease.

Your car accident attorney can aid you in locating the adverse driver and filing a legal claim for your damages and injuries. If the other party was uncooperative from the start, you will likely need legal help to get any resolution. If you file a legal action and prevail in court, your car accident lawyer will advise you on what needs to be done to collect the money you are due, which may include filing a lien or garnishing the adverse party's wages.

When you get into an auto accident, you probably immediately think of the other driver's well being. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same way, and adverse drivers are a reality that all people sharing the road must contend with. As long as you keep your affairs in order and behave in a dignified manner, your car accident with an adverse driver can be concluded without further incident.