Common Mistakes That DUI Defendants Make

After a police officer has pulled you over and suspects you have committed a DUI, they might ask you to participate in a series of tests. If you fail one or more tests, such as the breathalyzer test, you might be charged with a DUI. Under these circumstances, you might then face criminal charges. You have the right to represent yourself in court, but doing so can backfire. Not Exercising Your Miranda Rights Read More 

Creating A Special Needs Trust For Your Child

Ensuring that your child with special needs is cared for after you've passed away is important. It's advisable to make estate plans to address their needs. Doing so will not only take care of your child but will also provide you and other family members with peace of mind. Read on for more information about creating a special needs trust. What Is a Trust? Trusts are a flexible estate solution that can be easily customized to fit any need. Read More 

Avoiding Problematic Mistakes With Your Car Accident Case

Auto accidents can be serious events that will have the potential to cause individuals to suffer immense financial losses. Unfortunately, there are instances where individuals might simply fail to recognize some of the mistakes that they could be making as they are attempting to resolve these cases.                                   Mistake: Assuming The Injuries And Damages That Are Suffered Will Be Readily Recognized One of the most important mistakes that people may make in the aftermath of an auto accident is failing to recognize that their injuries and damages may not be immediately noticeable after the incident. Read More