3 Questions To Ask Your Divorce Lawyer About Your File

The divorce process always requires you to submit different documents to the court and your divorce lawyer. Some of the said documents are private and hold sensitive information. So, you would want to know whether your file is safe and how to access it when the need arises. Use this guide to ask your attorney questions about your file and documentation:

1. How Will You Keep My File Safe?

Confidentiality is a significant concern during the divorce process. You will present different documents and information to your divorce lawyer, i.e., financial information, social security number, etc. You wouldn't want to jeopardize your file's security since sensitive information could land in unsafe hands. So, inquire about the specific method your lawyer is using to store and transmit your information safely. Whereas your divorce lawyer holds a high confidentiality standard, many divorce records are still publicly available. Still, your divorce attorney or law firm should have an organized system to keep your file private and secure. Ask about your attorney's privacy practices to gauge your file's safety.

2. Can I Get Copies of All File Portions?

Divorce laws are unique because a section of your file could be confidential by law or court order. Although you may view the confidential report, you aren't allowed to make copies for yourself if an attorney represents you. However, the rule is modifiable by court order. So, if you don't have a divorce lawyer to represent you, you will have access to all the files an attorney would, including the private report.

3. How Can I Access My File?

You will likely need access to your file from time to time during the divorce process. Ask your divorce lawyer how you can access your file upon reasonable request. Whereas the attorney uses the file to represent you, you are the file's owner. So, you have a right to access information from that file. If you want to view the physical file, an appointment and a visit to your lawyer's office shouldn't be a big deal. Your divorce lawyer should securely transfer the file copies to you.


Your file is a crucial part of the divorce process. In it, your divorce lawyer stores information that is useful to represent you in a court of law. As such, maximum care is required when you and your attorney handle the files. Many divorce attorneys know the significance of your file's safety and the value of confidentiality. Still, inquire about the above questions and any additional questions for clarity.