Immigrating Legally Into The Country And Navigating The System

Leaving your country and moving into a new country is difficult, and in many cases, the legal pitfalls that you can find along the way make it more difficult. Immigration lawyers are a good resource for anyone coming into a new country, and in the United States, the complexity of the immigration system makes it almost necessary to have a lawyer to help get you through the process. 

Understanding the System

Dealing with the immigration system is not easy. There are a lot of requirements and a lot of rules that anyone coming into the country must follow. If you are coming in on a visa, the rules are not the same as if you are seeking asylum or fleeing your country for political reasons.

Because the rules are not the same for every situation, it is hard for someone that is not from the US to work through all the requirements without any help. The idea that you can hand someone a stack of forms and expect them to know what to do with them is just not a realistic expectation.

Navigating the System

A lawyer that specializes in immigration law spends all their time working with the immigration courts and makes them the best resource for getting the proper paperwork completed and into the right hands. If you are struggling to get through all of the steps, finding an immigration lawyer is a good option. They will help you get through the process, and when you are done, you will be in the country legally. 

Fighting Deportation

There are people who have entered the country without the proper documentation but have a legitimate reason to have fled home to come to the US. For someone that is facing deportation but has a valid reason to want to stay in the country, an immigration lawyer can help them appeal to the court to allow them to stay in the US and work through the immigration process. 

Sometimes these are people that have information or experiences to offer that help officials understand the problems in the immigrants country and why people are leaving it. A good immigration lawyer will work between the individual and the court to negotiate the terms that may allow the individual to stay here and not be deported.

Sometimes it is permanently, and other times the order from the court can have requirements or time limit, but the lawyer can help come up with a plan to get things settled and keep you in the country if you have a valid reason to be here. For more information, reach out to law firms like Cristina Chávez, Attorney at Law, LLC.