Have Worries About Your Second Marriage And Your Will? Get An Estate Lawyer Fast

If you are getting married for a second time and you are entering the final chapter of your life, your children may have some reservations about the situation. To put everyone at ease, and to make sure that you have the situation managed properly if something happens to you, you'll want to meet with an estate lawyer to go over the details of your will. If you don't have a will then you need to create one, and if you do have one you may need to update it because of the upcoming nuptials. You should look into the following things when creating or updating your will:

Defining a Power of Attorney

If something happens to you and you aren't able to make medical decisions for yourself, the hospital may automatically assume that it's your spouse that should make these decisions. If you already have a medical professional in the family that you want making these decisions, or if you would like to leave this in the hands of your siblings or your children, you want to be sure that you have this stated in your will -- especially before you get married, so it's already in place.

Have a Prenuptial Agreement Constructed

If you don't want anything to change when it comes to where your money or assets will go, you want to have a prenuptial agreement put into place so your soon-to-be spouse knows what they would get if something did happen to you. You don't want them to fight for your kids for money or belongings, and you don't want any hard feelings.

Update the Will with Benefits

If there are things that you want to leave behind for your new spouse, or if you want to help them financially when you're gone, change your will so that they get something from your estate. You may also want to include a grace period for them to live in the home or use the assets that are yours for a specific amount of time.

There are a lot of different things that you have to consider when you are getting married for a second time later on in life, and when your children or other family members are worried about what it could mean for you financially. Be sure that you talk with an estate litigation attorney so you aren't leaving anything up to chance and you won't have to stress about what could happen after you're gone.