When You Should Contact A Lawyer After A Car Accident

While your initial instincts after a car accident will be on recovery, you may be considering if you should be hiring a lawyer to handle your case. While you may not need one for the typical fender bender, you should look into it if you find yourself in any of these three situations.

You Can't Pay Your Medical Expenses

You may have health insurance, but there will still be medical bills that have to be paid. It could be due to a high deductible health insurance plan or many unexpected costs when it comes to co-pays and durable medical goods that insurance doesn't pay for. When you feel like the medical expenses are getting out of control, it is a sign that you need to contact a lawyer to help you out.

Don't make the mistake of waiting until the bills are so expensive that you have trouble paying for them. As soon as it seems like you will have long-term medical expenses, you'll need a lawyer to help get those expenses paid for.

You Are Being Harassed By The Other Driver's Lawyer

Has the other party involved in the car accident hired a lawyer and are they calling you to the point where it feels like you are being harassed by them? This could be intentional on their part. Their lawyer could be looking to have you sign paperwork to absolve their client from the accident or be recorded during phone calls where they try to get you to admit guilt to the accident.

Interacting with the other driver's car accident attorney is never a good idea, and you should have your own legal representation to do it for you. It is the best way to ensure that you do not make any mistakes in communication that could negatively impact any legal action you want to pursue.

You Are Unable To Work

A car accident may cause you to miss a couple days of work and it is typically covered with your sick days. If the accident leaves questions about when you can even get back to your job, this is a major concern. Those lost wages don't have to be lost forever, since you can seek compensation for those days you could have been working. If you're the victim, you deserve to receive compensation for all ways that you would be at a financial loss, including lost income.

For more information about how a lawyer can help with your car accident case, request a consultation.