Sobering Domestic Violence Facts Every Intimidated Female Needs To Know

Domestic violence is defined as using fear, intimidation, or physical threat to assert control over a partner. As a female who is in the middle of a domestic violence situation, you have likely already played out your options in your mind a thousand times about what would happen if you were to leave or try to get away. Even though taking the initiative to get out of a dangerous domestic situation can be a scary thing, it is important that you understand the true risks that come along with staying where you are. There are a few statistics and facts about domestic violence that you should know.

1. Staying without speaking out can be one of the most dangerous choices you ever make.

It is not at all uncommon for domestic violence to end in a homicide case. In fact, statistics show that two out of every three homicide cases involving a female lead investigators to the discovery that they were actually killed by someone at home or their partner. Even though it is a proven fact that most women in a domestic violence situation never speak up, not doing so could be a huge mistake. Partners with violent tendencies may not change without help and the abuse could become even more severe with time.

2. As a female, you are not alone with your struggles.

Even though living in an abusive relationship can make you feel like you are in the world alone, there are many women who are going through what you are experiencing now or have in the past. With every nine seconds that pass on the clock, there is another woman in the United States who is beaten or assaulted by their partner. And, one in every three women in the US will experience some form of physical violence with an intimate partner in their lifetime. Therefore, you should know when you reach out for help, there will always be people who know just what you are feeling and can help.

3. Staying with an abusive partner can be costly -- and not just emotionally.

By staying in a relationship where you are being physically abused, it is not just the emotional challenge you are left to deal with. Women in domestic violence situations miss more than eight million days of work every year, which is the equivalent of 32,000 full-time jobs. Additionally, you could ensue expenses for medical bills you should not have and make a lot of sacrifices in how you would choose to live your life. It is a little known fact that being in an abusive relationship that resulted in job losses and financial losses could even be the grounds for a lawsuit against your partner. 

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