Deciding On Custody Arrangements

If you are in the process of going through a divorce and you have a child, custody is most likely one of the main topics on your mind during the entire process. When parents divorce, child custody arrangements need to be made, and if there are conflicting ideas about who is to take control of custody, a judge will intervene. Here are some tips to use in trying to have a favorable outcome when it comes to who will be taking care of your child.

Talk To Each Other

If there is any possible way to come to an amicable agreement between both parties divorcing, do so. Take the time to speak to your spouse about your feelings and what arrangement you think would work best for both of you. Encourage your spouse to do the same.

If you can come to a temporary arrangement that you both can live with, put the schedule into motion and let your lawyers know that you are both working on a solution that you hope will continue when the divorce is finalized. This will save everyone involved from needing to adhere to a resolution put in place by court. If there is too much animosity in the relationship, and you cannot come to an agreement, mediation will be recommended.

Going To Mediation

A mediation session will consist of you, your spouse, both of your attorneys and a mediator. The lawyers will speak in behalf of each party and will try to come to an agreement regarding which days each of you will be able to have custody of your child. The mediator will listen to this information and make a schedule.

When you go to a mediation session, make your wishes known to your lawyer and do not give in to something less than what you want. Many judges will opt to keep the schedule decided on during a mediation session after the divorce is finalized, if it is working well for the child.

Having The Court Decide

If you were unable to come to an arrangement together regarding custody, and your mediator had to decide in the interim, a judge will make the final decision. When speaking to the court about why you believe you should be awarded custody, give facts and have witnesses available to back up your claims. Your spouse might try to undermine your credibility in order to make themselves look like the better choice.

Be prepared with factual information that show the opposite of these claims in the form of recommendations, drug test results, and therapist's evaluations. If you have information proving you are the better choice, your chances are better in showing the court you are responsible and able to care for your child.

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