DUIs Involving Prescription Drugs And How To Prove Your Innocence

Motorists who take intoxicants before they start driving have certain signs of impairment. Unfortunately, you might exhibit these symptoms even if you have not taken a banned substance. For instance, your sobriety test results might indicate that your alcohol content is above the recommended limit after taking prescription drugs. When this happens, consider hiring a DUI lawyer to fight for you. They will explain the following to enable you to understand the consequences of such errors and how you can prove your innocence.  

The Facts the Officers Must Prove

Some police officers assume that every driver who exhibits impairment has taken an illegal drug or alcohol. Therefore, they might not accept your explanation that your test results indicated signs of intoxication because you had taken medicine prescribed to you by your doctor. Besides, they may not know the methods to use when testing intoxicated drivers for various prescription drugs. Therefore, they might speculate that your signs indicate you had taken a forbidden drink or drug. However, these tests are necessary because the police will require them when explaining your impairment in court.

A weak case will give you a better chance of beating your DUI, especially if the prosecuting officer cannot prove your drug use beyond doubt. In addition, prescription drugs have the approval of a doctor and are not illegal. Therefore, even if the police provide evidence, your lawyer can challenge it and prove that you had the authorization to take medicine.  

How to Prove Your Innocence

Legal help is necessary immediately after your arrest. First, a lawyer will evaluate your case and build a defensive strategy to challenge your DUI. They will then argue your issue in court to prove that the police made errors during your arrest. For instance, they might claim that you displayed normal behaviors. Therefore, the officers should have undertaken additional tests to determine whether you had taken a banned intoxicant. Your attorney might also challenge test results if there were no favorable conditions when you took them. For instance, there may have been poor lighting, distractions, or other factors that may have affected the credibility of your results.

The prosecuting attorney might claim that you were intoxicated because you abused the prescription drugs. In this case, your legal advisor will exhibit your drugs in court to show how many pills you've taken and the remaining ones to prove that you never took more medicine.

An arrest for taking intoxicating prescription drugs can make you face severe consequences. Therefore, you should consider hiring a DUI law attorney to fight for you. They will raise arguments to convince the judge that the police wrongly arrested you.