Suing A Ridesharing Company After An Injury Collision

If you were in a collision during the process of riding in a rideshare vehicle and were injured, there are a few ways to obtain compensation. The most common method for receiving compensation is by filing a claim with the ridesharing company's insurance provider. If you have filed a claim but did not accept the offer, it is a good decision on your part if you know that you deserve more money. A lawyer can help fight for your rights as an injured passenger and obtain the money that you need and deserve, especially if the rideshare driver's negligence led to the collision.

How Was the Rideshare Driver Negligent?

Explain how the rideshare driver was driving when the accident happened, such as whether he or she was going over the speed limit. Was the driver under the influence of alcohol during your ride and got arrested? The reason a lawyer will need such information is so he or she can determine if it is likely that the ridesharing company hired a negligent driver. You might be able to sue the driver and rideshare company that he or she works for. A lawyer will investigate all parties involved to determine what your options are in the lawsuit.

Will Your Injuries Require Ongoing Treatment?

Another topic to cover with a lawyer is the extent of injuries you are suffering from due to the rideshare driver's negligence. Were the injuries able to be treated in one visit to a doctor's office, or will you require long-term treatment? For example, injuries to the neck and back are common during collisions, and treatment can last for a long time. In some cases, physical therapy and going to a chiropractor does not work, so back injuries must be treated via surgery, and the treatment might still be insufficient for total pain relief. No matter what your injuries may be, a lawyer can help you get paid to cover the medical expenses on a long-term basis if it is necessary.

Did the Collision Cause Mental Trauma?

A lawyer will also speak to you about the mental effects the collision caused in your life. Are you afraid of using ridesharing services because the collision traumatized you? Are you traumatized to the extent of not driving your own vehicle? The extent of your mental trauma will play a role in what you can demand in a lawsuit.

Contact a rideshare accident attorney for more information.