What to Do When Out on Bail

If you have recently been released from jail on bail, you likely have a lot of questions. One of the most important questions to ask yourself, however, is what you should do when out on bail. Naturally, you should focus on your case and proving your innocence or crafting your defense, but there is a lot more to being out on bail. If you want to learn more, check out these four things to do when out on bail.

Get or Maintain a Job

If you don't have a job, get one. If you do have a job, maintain it. There are many benefits to focusing on maintaining your job, but one of the main reasons is to keep you busy. If you are focused on your work, you are less likely to fall back into old habits or contact bad influences. Plus, all that work may help provide an alibi if someone does try to say you violated your bail.

Of course, getting a job also means you have a steady source of income. Even though the courts appoint an attorney for you, having extra money could be beneficial. You may be able to hire an attorney you want or pay for other services that can help prove your innocence, such as hiring a private investigator.

Above all, however, having and maintaining a job shows the courts two things. First, you are committed to a crime-free life. Second, it shows the courts you are connected to the community and are less likely to skip bail.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Bail often comes with conditions you must follow. Depending on the crime, you may be prohibited from alcohol and drugs. However, even if the judge did not specifically tell you to avoid drugs and alcohol, it's a good idea to consider.

Both drugs and alcohol lower your inhibitions, so you may be more likely to break the law, especially if you need money to buy the drugs or alcohol. Even if you are completely innocent, alcohol and drugs could cause you to make foolish decisions like trying to contact victims or visiting the crime scene.

When it comes to drugs, unless you are taking your prescribed medication or live in a state with legal marijuana, consuming illegal drugs means you broke the law. In fact, you should always follow the law while out on bail. Breaking just about any law can be grounds to send you right back to jail. In some cases, future bail will be denied.

Keep in Touch With Your Bail Bond Agent

You don't need to communicate with your bail bond agent on a regular basis, but you do need to keep in touch with them when something happens. For example, if you move, you must report the change in address to your bail bond agent. If you neglect to do so, they could revoke your bail bond, which would send you back to jail.

Similarly, if you need to travel for any reason, you should contact your bail bond agent first. Typically, if it's within the state, they won't mind. However, if you want to visit a different state or country, the bail bond agent may deny it. In this event, if you go, they will assume you are skipping bail.

In addition, make sure to stay in contact with the person who posted your bail. They are in charge of making sure you follow all rules and laws while out on bail. Just like the bail bond agent can revoke the bail bond if they no longer trust you, the person who posted your bail could remove their name from the bail bond, which will also send you back to jail.

Bail bonds are a great way to pay for bail, especially since so many people don't have massive amounts of extra cash. You will have to follow certain rules but following these rules can boost the outcome of your case by showing you in a positive light. If you would like to know more, contact a bail bond agent today.