Issues to Settle in Your Divorce That Relate to Your Kids

Going through a divorce can be a trying time in life. A divorce requires work, especially if you have children. If you have children, your divorce might be more complicated to settle. With children, you will have additional issues to discuss and work through. Here are four issues to resolve in your divorce that relate to your kids.

Custody and Child Support

The main issues divorcing couples must settle when they have children are custody and child support. Which parent will the children live with and how will the kids divide their time between the parents? Some couples can agree on these things, while others fight about them. You must decide, though. If you cannot resolve this issue, a judge will decide for you. The non-custodial parent is usually required to pay support to the custodial parent, and you must work through this issue when settling your divorce.

Health Insurance Coverage

Having health insurance coverage is vital for every family member. Therefore, you will need to determine a plan for this aspect of your case. Which parent should provide health insurance coverage? Which parent has access to health insurance through their job? You can talk to your lawyer about this to learn more about your options.

Claiming Children for Tax Purposes

It is also vital to discuss the settlement on claiming your children for tax purposes. One benefit of having minor children is that you can write them on your taxes to receive tax credits. After your divorce, you and your spouse will file separate taxes, and only one person can claim the kids. You may need to determine a schedule for claiming your kids for tax purposes during your divorce case.

Car Insurance, Cellphones, Etc.

Another good thing to settle is who will pay for the extra things the kids need as they get older. When your kids reach their teenage years, they might need a car to drive and auto insurance for the vehicle. They might also need cellphones and many other things. If you want to avoid problems with these issues when your kids get older, you can settle them now. Once you settle them, the solutions will be in your divorce decree, which is a court order.

Even if you have young children, you should settle all these issues during your divorce. If you need legal advice and help, contact a divorce lawyer, such as Gomez May LLP, in your area to schedule a consultation appointment.