Three Reasons You Need To Consult With An Attorney When Injured As A Passenger In A Traffic Accident

If you have been in an auto accident and sustained injuries as a passenger, you may wonder if you need an attorney. Often the initial reaction is to wait and see how things unfold. Perhaps you have been thinking about filing a claim or simply speaking to an insurance claims adjuster. The following are a few reasons you need to call an auto accident lawyer.

You're not sure who was at fault

As a passenger, you may not have seen the collision. You may have no idea who was at fault other than what you are being told. Even drivers in a traffic accident can dispute who was at fault. In this situation, don't bother trying to figure out which insurance company to file a claim with. Contact an attorney and let them figure this out. This is something they do routinely. Occasionally, they may even get a settlement from more than one insurance company.

You have suffered injuries requiring medical attention

Any time you have been injured, you should speak to an attorney. However, if you have been injured, and you were transported to the hospital, it takes on special significance. This includes going to an urgent care facility because you were told that you might need medical attention, but you didn't need emergency transportation. In either case, there will be documented treatment for your initial medical issues. Later, you may find out you have issues related to the accident that were outside the scope of medical treatment at an emergency room. The compensation you are entitled to is likely more than you initially thought.

You have been offered money

The stories you will hear from a claims adjuster or attorney from an insurance company are meant to discourage you from consulting with an attorney. One example is being told that an attorney will take a part of your settlement money, so you are better off taking the amount offered. However, this is seldom true. The amount that you are being offered will always be less than you are entitled to. Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, and they will offer less compensation than you should be receiving while dissuading you from seeking legal consultation.

Getting injured in an accident as a passenger can be confusing because there is more than one insurance company involved. But you should let an attorney figure this out. In addition, you are entitled to compensation for a variety of reasons. Your medical bills need to be paid, along with any future treatment and rehabilitation. Lost wages and the suffering you have gone through are among other considerations. Never think for a moment that an insurance company is ready to pay you everything you have coming to you. Your auto accident attorney will be the only one working in your best interest.