Has Your Construction Company Been Sued? Hire a Construction Litigation Attorney to Help

If you own your own construction company and have been sued, you need to act immediately. If you do not and you lose your case, you may end up losing your business. To help prevent this, you should hire a construction litigation attorney. Below is how this type of attorney can help you get everything taken care of so you can continue running your company.

Investigate Your Case

When you contact the construction litigation attorney, they will start out by investigating your case. They will first contact the other attorney for the person or company that is suing you. The attorney will determine what the lawsuit is about and what evidence the attorney may have against you.

Once they determine this, the attorney will find witnesses that may help your case and take testimony from the witnesses. The attorney will also get documents together that are needed for your case so they can be prepared when they answer the lawsuit.

Draft a Pleading

The attorney may draft one or more pleadings on your behalf. This will depend on the actual lawsuit, however. For example, if the lawsuit is not found to be liable, the attorney will draft documents to the other attorney stating the information they found. If the other attorney finds the information provided by your lawyer will hurt their case, they may drop the lawsuit.

If the other attorney will not drop the lawsuit, your attorney will draft the documents to give to the court clerk about your construction company being sued.

Perform Discovery

During the discovery phase of a litigation, the attorney will speak with the attorney of the person or company that is suing you. Your attorney will do their best to find issues with the lawsuit. This is also the time when your attorney will build your case.

To gain the information your attorney needs, they may request production of documents, do depositions, do interrogations, and file protective orders, summary judgment motions, and motions to appeal.

If your attorney cannot get things handled for you, they will go to a pre-trial hearing and then prepare your case for trial. The constriction litigation attorney can explain more to you about pre-trials and trials so you will understand how everything is going to work. No matter what, the attorney will do everything they can to win your case for you so you can put this lawsuit behind you.

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