3 Ways A Lawyer Can Help A Mother With A Child Support Issue

As a single mother, there are many problems you will face raising your child. Naturally, many of these issues will involve money. And although having the money you need to provide for your child is no substitute for being a good parent, it does give your child more options in life, and a higher standard of living growing up. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy getting the support your child is entitled to. The following are a few things an attorney can do to help you and your child.

1. An attorney can assist in establishing paternity

Paternity is an issue when the father of the child is in question. Although you may know for certain who the father is, it is not uncommon for a father to question whether a child is his or not. In this case, he will usually welcome a paternity case. Other men may have to be brought to court kicking and screaming.

In either situation, the DNA test should be done by a court order and handled under the rules regarding chain of evidence. An attorney can make sure the laws are followed. Once paternity is established, child support can be determined. In many jurisdictions, these two things are handled together.

2. An attorney can get a court order for child support

Sometimes there is no issue of paternity. Perhaps the father signed a declaration of paternity at the hospital. You will still need an order of child support. There is usually not a lot of negotiation over child support. Most family courts have certain formulas that are applied to determine how much the father will pay. But it is important to get this order. By doing this, you will receive the maximum amount allowed by your state's laws. You should not depend upon the father determining what he thinks is reasonable.

Secondly, if the father gets behind on child support payments, you will have legal recourse in collecting the support. Sometimes it is necessary for a judge to order wage garnishment for a mother to be paid support, but this cannot happen unless you have a court order for child support.

3. An attorney can assist in finding the father

Sometimes a man can seemingly disappear when he is accused of paternity. Whether he has skipped town or is just laying low, an attorney can assist in locating him. Attorneys have techniques in finding people. They also have private investigators that they work with. Unless a man is living completely off the grid, he will be found.

You do not need to wait until your child is born. You can begin the process of identifying the father, establishing paternity, and getting a court order for child support. A family law office like Kelm & Reuter, P.A. can help you get started today.