2 Things To Talk To Your Personal Injury Attorney About

When it comes to being injured in an accident, it can cause a great deal of pain in many areas. The emotional stress, as well as physical and financial losses, can wreak havoc on your life. You may want to take legal action against the other driver who was at fault to attempt to recover some from your losses. This may require you to meet with a personal injury attorney, like the ones found at Sweetser Law Office, who can discuss the case one-on-one with you. Knowing various things to talk about can be of great assistance to you in this situation.

Amount of Money to Request

The entire reason you are filing a lawsuit against another person is to recover money. The amount of money to request can be difficult for you to determine on your own and your attorney can work with on deciding on the precise amount to ask the defendant for.

Listed below are things that you should consider:

1.  The amount of damage that was done to your vehicle. You should first get an estimate for your auto repair shop that will list what it will cost to fix or replace your car.

2.  You should calculate the time you have lost from work and the wages that you won't receive because of your injury.

3.  The expenses for your full recovery should be taken into account. This would include medical bills, physical therapy and other medical costs.

The Charges to File

The most effective way to help you win your case is by knowing the right charges to file against the other driver. If there was an official police report filed, you could determine what laws were broken and what to list in the lawsuit to help you win the case. It is critical to the outcome of your case to list only charges that actually occurred.

For instance, was the driver negligent by not abiding by the driving laws? Was this individual intoxicated or following too closely behind you? Perhaps, this person veered over on your side of the road when driving and this caused the collision. Whatever the driver did wrong that contributed to the occurrence of the accident should be listed as charges.

Finally, the more details you can provide about your case, the greater the chances of being compensated for your losses. Be sure to talk to your personal injury attorney about ways that can help you win your case and get on with living your life.